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Quality Addressing For Ax - Address Check

Accurate, Real-Time Address Verification

QuAAX Address Validation Powered by Experian® is designed to address the global demand for on demand quality data all within a secure and dependable framework. Each day organizations and customers around the world experience how incorrect and bad data leads to incorrect shipments, costly write offs, delays and bad customer experiences. By using QuAAX, Microsoft Dynamics AX users can now confidently collect, manage, and update address records, while being sure that accurate data is available for business intelligence, customer experience, and cost-cutting efforts.

Quality Addressing For Ax (QuAAX)

QuAAX is natively built within Dynamics AX

QuAAX is natively built within Microsoft Dynamics AX, doesn’t require any code migration and validates legacy and new data. Using a 3-step process, QuAAX can provide you with a verification status based upon a color coding convention of red, yellow and green; along with suggested outputs to populate your data within Dynamics AX. Users simply start typing their addresses based on country, state, zip or street and QuAAX will start auto populating the rest of the fields. Through Experian’s Data Quality services you will have available support in over 200 countries with the highest ranking in quality data. QuAAX’s guided data-entry improves speed and accuracy and can be used for address discovery as well.

How It Works

Step 3

Manage questionable data using the QuAAX Validation option to verify and correct existing addresses.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you looking for answers? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about QuAAX.

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What is QuAAX?

Quality Addressing for AX, or QuAAX, is a native solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX address validation and verification.

How does QuAAX work?

QuAAX is installed into your AX code so that it works seamlessly throughout your entire Dynamics AX system. Whenever you add an address or make an address change you will be using QuAAX. QuAAX leverages Experian Data Quality™ services to verify your address and provides a status color indicating whether the address is good (green), has potential issues (yellow), or is bad (red).

How long does typical installation take?

QuAAX comes with 20 hours of service to cover installation, training, and support. These hours are perpetual and do not expire.

Can I validate international addresses for Dynamics AX using QuAAX?

Yes! Experian Data Quality™ has data services for over 240 countries around the globe and QuAAX enables you to add that verified data to your AX global address book for future use.

Why does QuAAX use Experian over USPS?

QuAAX is enabled to support international addresses and therefore takes advantage of Experian’s global coverage. USPS only covers address validation for the domestic United States.

What if QuAAX stops working or I do not have a steady internet connection?

In times of latent or downed internet a user can easily switch QuAAX off with a click of a button and resume standard AX address entry. With QuAAX’s verification status indicator a user can easily locate and update any data that could have been incorrectly entered during the outage.

Does QuAAX provide Zip Code Plus 4 addresses?

Yes, plus 4 addresses come standard.

Does it fix spelling errors? If so, in real-time or after you submit?

Yes, QuAAX leverages Experian Data Quality™ Type-down engine for real time suggested spelling and formatting of addresses.

Does it add missing address elements such as apartment or suite information?

Yes, QuAAX will suggest apartment and suite numbers as information is entered into the address form.

Do I download and install it?

No, the QuAAX team or a QuAAX partner will use the 20-hour service pack to take care of all installation.

Is the address data collected and repurposed in any way?

No address data is collected or repurposed.

Who owns the data?

The end-user owns any data entered into their Dynamics AX system.

Do you need more information?

Product Sheet: QuAAX »

Download this product sheet to see why the features of QuAAX is the solution for your organization.
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Stop proliferating bad AX data - get QuAAX powered by Experian today!

Quality Addressing for AX (QUAXX) gives you the power to save money, streamline address verification, and provide more reliable shipping and receiving services. Whether it’s real-time address validation through Experian Data Quality-backed services, guided data-entry, or retroactive data cleansing, speed and accuracy are paramount to your business. Get the address verification product that understands.  

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