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With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get powerful Dynamics 365 capabilities and features delivered as a cloud, on premise or hybrid service from Microsoft, providing instant-on, anywhere access, and predictable pay-as-you-go pricing. Licensing plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 determine the number of features and functionality users need and is licensed using a subscription.


This new pricing and packaging has you in the driver’s seat controlling cost, management and extending actionable insights across the organization. With apps, plans and tiered pricing – you can now pick the various options that best fit your organization at a given time.


AXMentor offers you choices extending to pricing with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Get monthly plans—with apps packaged for savings—or standalone applications. Opt for full or light use. And select the edition that meets the needs of your large or small business, now and down the road.

Services - Licensing

Plans—Packaged apps for companies whose people need to access multiple apps—and that want big savings

Applications—Individual apps for businesses whose people need access to one Dynamics 365 app

Services - Licensing

Full use—For those whose work requires them to use much of the functionality in the applications
Light use—For those who consume information and complete small tasks in the apps

Services - Licensing

Enterprise edition—Plans and applications for businesses with hundreds to thousands of users
Business edition—Applications for small and medium-sized organizations with up to a few hundred users

Our expert team of licensing specialists are standing by to assist you with:
1. Microsoft Licensing available to you
2. Determining if you are in compliance with Microsoft Licensing Policies
3. Negotiating against a Microsoft Licensing Purchase
4. True-Ups & Renewals

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